I will visit 100 museums in Thailand.

“I will visit 100 museums in Thailand.”
“How many days, weeks, months or years do you think I’ll accomplish?”

That was the conversation I talked to myself one evening after work. Currently I work at a museum, it wasn’t actually my kind of area, my former experiences related to art, design and fashion. However I ended up working on my dream job.

And that’s because I’ve worked for Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles which operates under The SUPPORT Foundation (the Foundation of the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand). One of our important missions is to support and encourage local people to have extra income apart from farming and raising animals that depend on climate and seasons.





Her Majesty Queen Sirikit has discovered that most Thais are capable of doing extraordinary craftsmanship that suppose to be preserved as national heritage, therefore, Her Majesty has devoted her effort and funds over the years. The SUPPORT Foundation has increased members in many specific fields such as textile woven, wood engraved, glass blowing and so on.

Then I’m aware that there are more interesting stuff in my own country that I haven’t known before. Some great places, talented people and amazing creativity that I’d like to share them to the world. Some of them are still out there waiting to be discovered, but at the same time, some are already preserved and displayed orderly in organized places like museums. So this is how I started my idea of visiting as many museums as possible. To see things and share their stories, not only for foreigners to understand more about Thailand, but also for us all to deeply know about our own roots.






My job at Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles is to design souvenirs. The products I’ve designed used material mainly from The SUPPORT foundation. I’m allowed to choose variety of textiles that were hand-woven by the members either cotton or silk. Basically, the products are related to stories of each exhibition at the museum.

These photos were taken during the field trip in Isaan area (Northeast Thailand) last June. While we were visiting villages of The SUPPORT members, as Her Majesty Queen Sirikit used to come years ago. I was touched by Her Majesty strong vision in order to help people live a better life which nowadays they actually do. The trip has been inspired me to created this blog, to share places and stories I found interesting and worth visiting. Just hoping I will not stop doing it during half way, and wondering how long do I accomplish the goal I’ve made.

Wander with me and wish me luck!



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  1. Ben says:


    Keep writing!


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