During this quarantine period, I have spent most of the time reading books. Some are my old favourite but some are new, and most of them are recent bought. Here I wanted to record the list of books I have finished in April 2020.


The Little Prince

01-little prince

A classic literature which recently celebrated its 77th anniversary. No need to describe the impact of its story and the expansion of creative imagination from the writer towards readers around the world. This time I finished reading it in just one day!


I studied Fashion Design in Milan
ฉันเรียนแฟชั่นที่มิลาน / แพรพลอย ลาภาโรจน์กิจ


A friend of mine who we met in Milan is the writer of the book. Prae was studying her bachelor degree in fashion design while I studied my master. So I left Milan years before her, due to my course was only one-year long. After graduation, Prae started creating her Facebook page called “ฉันเรียนแฟชั่นที่มิลาน” (I study fashion in Milan), which shared fashionable information. This book concludes her own experience as a fashion design student and general lifestyle in Milan, Italy.


ศิลปินผู้ตกหลุมรักหนังสือ / โอ๊ต มณเฑียร


As I used to mention that I am a fan of his books, Oat Montien has released a fiction based on his relation with the National Library of Thailand. This small book contains his arts of interpretation and imagination towards ordinary things. I love how he narrates stories in his own literary style which I find it quite old-schooled. It is rather surprise that it comes from such young writer and artist like him.


What is the good life? / พลอย จริยะเวช


Another favourite writer of mine, Ploy Chariyaves is a queen of lifestyle. She could appreciate and translate everything in such extraordinary ways. She always describes everything in the vibe of positive, creative and colourful. However, this book is an alternative, she wrote it during the darkest time of her life. Recently, her beloved father passed away and this book is dedicated to him.


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
จดหมาย/รัก/หนังสือ จากเกิร์นซีย์ แปลโดย รสวรรณ พึ่งสุจริต


The story is based in England after World War 2, back and fourth between two towns, London and Guernsey. Whole story was narrated in the pattern of exchanging letters between characters. Currently, there is also the movie with the same name available on Netflix. You can check it out but I do prefer the book version as I find it a lot more detailed, fun, and charming.


London Book Sanctuary / ฟาน.ปีติ


The writer takes us to London and explore various bookshops there, each one has its own character. It contains the stories, interviews, lovely illustration, and books suggestion from each shop. This book is a perfect choice to be given to some people are books lover or those who want to open their own bookshop.


A great little place called Independent Bookshop / หนุ่มหนังสือเดินทาง


A book from the owner of the bookshop, Passport Bookshop, he shared his vision and experience of how to open and maintain the life of a independent bookshop. The book is beautiful, well-produced, and soul-written. Also the book translates the stories in two languages Thai and English.


พุทธะในปราด้า / พลอย จริยะเวช-ชัยอนันท์ สมุทวณิช


One of my most favourite books here, Prada Mandala, written by Ploy Chariyaves and her late father Chai-Anan Samudavanija. The book was released in 2017 and this is my second time reading before I have lent it to my friend. Ploy and her father shared different views and perspectives towards the essence of life and style. It is easy to read though it provides many things to re-think afterwards.


These are a list of books I have finished reading in April 2020 and if Covid-19 is still around, I might have another list coming in May.

Enjoy reading and staying safe everyone!


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