Arun-Sawas | The reflection of Wat Arun

2019 TECHNIQUE Handmade pleating and knitting The design was inspired by the architecture of Wat Arun Ratchavararam. The main feature is its centre, called Phra Prang in Thai, which contains different layers of angles. The top view of Phra Prang becomes the entire form of this bag and was decorated with the handle made of…

Bagkok-Soul | Wat Pho the Series

2019 TECHNIQUE Handmade pleating and knitting Wat Pho is one of Bangkok’s oldest temples. It existed before Bangkok was established as the capital by King Rama I, the first King of Chakri dynasty. At the beginning of his reign, King Rama I built the Grand Palace adjacent to Wat Pho. Subsequently, it became the main…


2018 MATERIAL knitting technique on brass sheets Souvenir Design for Tha Muang community in Kanchanaburi Province. Chor pa ka krong is the name of traditional Thai sweet that can be found in the local market of this community. Its physical body looks like colourful flowers so that it has been transformed into a small souvenir….


2016 MATERIAL Cross-stitched technique on brass sheets This set of brooches was inspired by the royal statements of Their Royal Majesties, King Bhumibhol and Queen Sirikit of Thailand. The Queen once stated, “If His Majesty the King were the river, I would be the forest. The forest that always stays nearby the river. If His…

P.S. I miss you always

2014 A commercial project sold under the brand P.S.   A sealable and wearable piece, romantic yet complicated     While the world is moving so fast, people are trying to go forward, some spaces are missing. While technology is going beyond many limitations, neither duration nor distance is the problem anymore. Some feelings are…


2013 In collaborate with DEBORAH MILANO MATERIAL Polypropylene This project is a group workshop when Pilynn studied at Domus Academy. She was working with other 2 foreign students, Alina Evan-Ana Emiria from Romania and Elizabeth Soon from Singapore. This workshop had collaborated with Deborah Milano, the local cosmetic brand in Milan that gave her the scholarship to study…


2013 Master thesis in a collaboration with VHERNIER Chess is being compared to life situation. The 2 players represent who you are and who is hiding inside you. We subconsciously build another person inside us, who represents our fear. That same person holds you back from progressing because they keep you away from taking risks…

The Miracle of Snowflake

2012 MATERIAL Sand blasting on Brass, coated by Silver and transparent resin The narration of the magical interval whilst the sprinkling crystal flakes recite the delicacy of oneself, through the context of jewellery upon a wearer’s figure.   “No two snowflakes are alike.”    

Sweet Tender

2011 MATERIAL Sand blasting on brass coated by Silver and Pink Gold Itty bitty makes lady a lady, braid and lace are the feminine symbol. This jewellery collection brings out the youth and naive side of women. It is perfectly suitable as a gift for the dearest lover.      “Itty bitty makes ladies ladies”      


2011 MATERIAL Brass coated Gold and Black alloy and decorated with Swarovski Elements Many leaves reflect upon weaving river. The shadow reflection appears during sunset. This jewellery collection shows the beautiful Mother Nature. The light sparkles on water face is like the twinkling Swarovski Elements that decorated.