Rainy days in Chiang Rai

One of my obsessive hobbies is photography with film camera. I know it takes time and a lot of money (for buying and developing film rolls, something like that) but I just love the results. Even though some would say you could have that kind of photograph by just putting on some filters. Well, for me it’s different. I love to wait and love the excited feeling before I know what the picture would be like.

I went to Chiang Rai last weekend and of course I took my old man with me. Yes I named my film camera ‘My old man’. It’s because I’ve received him as a gift from my uncle, the previous owner. This camera is priceless to me and I think he also knows me best. Later I bought myself several film cameras from 2nd hand camera sites. But none of them gives the result that pleases me as much as my old man does.



Pentax MX with Kodak color 400


It was raining hard the day I arrived but luckily there was a rainbow after the rain. Chiang Rai is full of tea fields and natural tourist attractions.



Pentax MX with fujicolor 100


Where I wanted to visit the most in Chiang Rai is Doi tung, where Somdej Yah (Princess Srinagarindra the Princess Mother) came to develop the land almost 30 years ago. Here you can visit her garden that full of plant species. So tourists can visit there all year and see blossom flowers. Her villa, to see how simple her life was when she lived there and the Hall of Inspiration that keep the detail of royal initiative projects that she and Mahidol family had done to people of Thailand.



Pentax MX with fujicolor 100



Until next time, Chiang Rai  :-)

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