Greenish Ratchaburi

It’s because of the office outing that brought me to Ratchaburi and visited many places that I had never thought I’d come. One of them is this Royal Initiative Project, where they collect and study the rare species of plants. Click here to know more about this place.

Here also support the local people to work on craftsmanship to earn extra money. You will see process of making pieces of ceramic, both in term of using and decorating. Weaving and embroidering were also seen here.



Pentax MX with Agfa Vistra 400


It was in the middle of nowhere while the mobile phone signal couldn’t reach. However the place was full of big trees, rare species, and wild animals.

It was the best environment to take film photographs. So here are what I took from there.



Pentax MX, Agfa Vista 400


Then we moved to another place where is also one of the Royal Initiative Projects, Buffalo bank and school. Here they look after buffaloes that were given to Her Majesty the Queen. They trained them to be able to plough the field, a prior process before they plant rice seeds.

They were so kind to show us the process of how they trained buffaloes and how the buffalo could help farmers doing farm.



Pentax MX, fujicolor 100


I also had the first experience on riding buffalo! He’s so big but kind enough to let me sit on him. It was so much fun and rare experience to me. Well, see you next time Ratchaburi.



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