Munich in Black & White

Can’t believe I could put the whole memory of 6-day Germany trip into posts within one day! and this is going to be the last post of it. I’ve ultimately concluded the story with the film gallery I’ve taken in Munich. Also this is the first time I’ve rolled KOMAPAN 100 black & white film into YASHICA ELECTRO 35GX camera. Hope you enjoy the result because I’m so in love with them!




I went to Englisch Garten the day before departed date and was surprised by amount of people there. Some were playing in canal and some were riding on their bicycles. While most of them were laying down on the grass, doing nothing.

Then I kept walking inside contrarily other people who walked out of the garden because it seemed to be raining soon. At the end of the day we walked pass some architectures, beer park, and playground in the garden and heading back to the hotel.




The last day in Munich stared with a view from my hotel room and then I went to city centre once again to explore all the tourist attractions and other area around there, from Marienplatz to Viktualienmarkt, before saying good bye to Munich and Germany.




Auf wiedersehen Deutschland!


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