Before Sunrise in Vienna

After my master graduation in 2014, before leaving Europe, I went to see my friend in Paris for almost two weeks. Then I was back to Milan for couple days to prepare myself for the last destination in Europe.

There was no such perfect place than Vienna, as I mentioned earlier, it is so far my most favourite town in the world! This trip was actually my second time there but I didn’t hesitate at all to go back Vienna again. Even though the weather report said it would be raining every day during the trip.




Can’t deny the fact that the reason I fall for Vienna this much is because of the Before Sunrise film. I fantasized how romantic Vienna would be like even before I’ve actually been there. And Vienna never disappointed me. The moment I arrived there, I was falling for it even more.

Too bad the film photographs that I took from that trip weren’t in the good condition. Something went wrong with my old man which I didn’t realize by then. When I got back to Thailand and developed the film. I found the unexpected result that made my memories in Vienna even more precious.

The film got stuck, and I didn’t know. I kept taking picture more and more. The result is that there are so many places capturing within the same photo! Just like taking double shot photograph, but this is rather like triple, multiple and uncountable shots.




See how incredible the photos come out, the second one was taken in both Vienna and Budapest. Mostly in Budapest actually, my one-day memory there was captured in only this photograph.

And it’s because all the time I was in Vienna was raining. While actually, my first intention was to follow places that the characters had been to in Before Sunrise film. However, I ended up going to some cafés and other simple tourist attractions.



Café Central


A place I accidentally went to without knowing that it was where the remarkable (and of course, my favourite) scene of Before Sunrise was filmed. That place is Café Sperl.

A traditional coffeehouse in Vienna since 1880, Café Sperl is a classic, romantic and nostalgic place with a wide space where you can choose to sit in individual tables or personal corners. I remembered myself ordered a ‘Melange’, the typical Viennese coffee specialty.




“But for some people, there are no real good-byes. I think if you have a meaningful experience with someone else, a true communication, they are with you forever in a way. We are all a part of each other in ways we’ll never know.”



I actually have a reason why I wrote about Vienna today and also registered the new domain name for this website. I like Vienna so much that I want it to be posted on my birthday! Yes, today is actually my 27th birthday and I feel like I want to start something new here. So this post will be the first one under the new domain name,

If I only wish for something on this birthday, I’d ask for myself to keep believing in what I’m doing now. And I do hope it would come true.


“Would you be in Paris by now, if you hadn’t gotten off the train with me?”


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