Bookfair April2018

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It has been so many months this blog wasn’t updated anything, yet, I found my way back to this post by the topic I always wanted to write about. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I had free time, to go visiting bookstores and look for some interesting books.

While last month there was the annual book fair here in Bangkok which I always participated, here is the list of books I purchased and already finished reading them. (I always have my secret power when receiving new books, I would be so eager to read and finish them as fast as possible.)


London Museums by Oat Montien


Let say I’m his big fan, with the huge admiration for his talent. Oat Montien is an illustrator, graphic designer, museum educator and university lecturer. With a young age (probably a little bit older than me), he had done so many things with his passion, which reflected through his works in any medium. He is the talented artist and of course a good story-telling writer. This book is all about the museums he had visited in London, where he lived for many years while studying. I love the way he sees thing and narrates them, it has always been fascinating with the little details he picked. While reading the book I was dreaming of going to museums and having him as a personal narrator. It would be so much fun and educated.


Cities ความเมืองเรื่องบ้าน by Little Thoughts


Little Thought is another favourite writer of mine. I have read her books for many years and no hesitate to purchase her new books every time she had released ones. Her vision towards things, people, or cities are always interesting and she has her own way to narrate and translate them which is very easy to understand. This book shares interesting partial fact about the well-known cities like Milan, Paris, San Francisco or even Bangkok. For me, the writing through her perspective is fascinating and addictive as always.


Little เรื่องเล็กน้อย by Little Thoughts


Another new book from Little Thoughts that released at the same time. This book is all about her perspectives toward situations that happened around the world. The random incidents from Graffiti wars to the experimental prison, she made us think twice about things that we might neglect and do not find it very important which somehow gave us the notion that can be adapted to our lives. Though most of situations she wrote came from video clips or documentaries she had watched, anyway it motivates me to pay attention to things I might not be interested before and one day it would be related.


เผยความลับที่ไม่ลับของ “รหัสลับดาวินชี”
by รศ. ดร. กฤษณา หงษ์อุเทน


Before reading this book, I’m a fan of Dan Brown’s famous series of Robert Langdon, especially Da Vinci Code. I watched the film and was addicted to mysterious stories the writer led me to, later I watched both prequels; Angels & Demons and Inferno. However I haven’t read them as the book version before so when I randomly found this book I thought it was interesting and just easily purchased it.

Later when I finished this book, I have to find the way back to watch the movie again. However, there wasn’t much information that was written in the book projected in the film. So I recognized that I bought the book version of Da Vinci Code for so long but haven’t got the time to read. Eventually this is time! Now I’m reading the Da Vinci code and hopefully to finish it very soon. Well, let say this book gave me the courage to read the English thick book once again!


This is the list of books I currently finished and hope to finish many mores soon.

Enjoy reading folks!

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