Speak Jewellery

My intention towards this blog is getting bigger. Can’t believe it has been more than 2 years since it all started. My first goal for it since I was a museum worker was to visit as many museums as possible (if you remember, I said I would visit 100 museums, what was I thinking?). Then the blog has turned into a space where I kept journeys, memories and stories of something special. Far beyond than just only museums, this blog expands its interest to art history, design, craft and culture.

Jewellery has always been my expertise since I studied jewellery design in bachelor’s. I have been interested not only the designs and process of making them but also the history behind each piece. For me, I always said jewellery is a small piece of art, a sculpture to wear and the reason that makes it luxury is not because of physical price but the mental value.



The Miracle of Snowflake (2012)
Jewellery Design Thesis when I graduated from Silpakorn University


So that I came up with an idea of gathering the story about jewellery I am passionate about. Writing and collecting them here within this blog, from now on, there will be a new section called Speak Jewellery which will present the beautiful aspect of jewellery and its story I find interested and useful.

The term Speak Jewellery came from my personal idea that jewellery can actually communicate, it represents the wearer and also makes conversation. So instead of studying and keeping it for only myself, I’m willing to share it here online. Perhaps there will be more discussion from those who know better.

Moreover, within this section probably will be written in Thai more than English because during my research towards the new posts, I found the information for English speakers is everywhere. However most Thais are not very good in English, so I wish the following posts from my blog would be benefit to them at some point.


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