008 : Ratchaburi National Museum


Months ago, I had to go visit 4 national museums located in 4 regions of Thailand, one of them was Ratchaburi National Museum.




Most of national museums were revived from an old city hall of each province, so that there is an atmosphere and nostalgia feeling from the past. However, many provinces have been renovated their buildings constantly in order to keep them alive.

My most favourite object exhibited inside the museum was the woven textiles that were specific style of Ratchaburi. I was fond by its complicated details, vivid colours and technical textures.

Ratchaburi is also famous for the heritage of making the large shadow puppets. So the group decided to visit Wat Kanon Nang Yai Museum.




This little museum was located inside the temple, Wat Kanon, there exhibited the large size of shadow puppets which are originally made of cowhide.

If you happen to visit this lovely province, don’t forget to visit their local museums. You might find it interesting and educated at the same time.




Museum Information

  • Ratchaburi National Museum

open from 09:00-16:00 closed on Monday, Tuesday and official holidays
tickets : 20 Baht for Thais, 100 Baht for foreigners

  • Wat Kanon Nang Yai Museum

open daily from 08:00-17:00
performance on every Saturday only one round at 10:00-11:00
no admission fee

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