Autumn in my Seoul

If you knew me since I was studying in the university, you would have known that I was in South Korea as an exchange student in 2011. In Seoul, I had a beautiful and memorable time at Kookmin University, for almost 3 months, that I had been practising a skill of jewellery making in a different atmosphere.

Since then I never had a chance to visit Korea again until this year, 2019. I went back to Kookmin University by not only being an ex-exchange student but also a part of the faculty members from Silpakorn University. Well, I’m quite proud to call myself a result of the collaboration between Kookmin and Silpakorn that lasts for 10 years now.


However, late 2019 in November, I had another chance to visit Seoul again in a purpose of joining and presenting my academic research in the art & design symposium at Ewha Womans University. This time I had more free time and decided to go a little further than the city centre.

I visited Nami Island where I found out there are lots of things that changed! However, the weather and atmosphere is as natural as I remember. So I took my little friend, Lomo LC-A rolled with agfa vista 200, to snap the beautiful scenarios of Nami Island in Autumn.


While everything is changing, something never changed.


After Nami Island, I went on to another tourist destination that I have never been before, it was The Garden of Morning Calm which I find it would be better to come in Spring. You would face a totally different experience. Because it was Autumn and all the leaves turn yellow, it would be more fresh when Spring time.


However, Autumn is my most favourite season of a year. It reminds me to the fact that everything is changing all the time, even you like it or not ready for it, it changes little by little. But at the end of the day, it comes and goes as usual, I believe it depends on how you prepare for it that matters.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Pilynn S.

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