Explore Sakon | Sakon Series 01

Sakon Nakhon is one of the provinces in the northeastern part of Thailand. Recently it has been famous for the culture of ‘Indigo’ or in Thai ‘Kram’. For years that a younger generation of Sakon Nakhon has gathered to move their province forward and make a change on the image.

I have visited Sakon Nakhon for the first time 4 years ago when I was working for Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles. At that time, it was the opening ceremony of “Baan Pa Toom-Pa Tai” Museum which is one of the SUPPORT Foundation members.


I came back here again in 2018 when I decided to do a research in order to develop souvenirs for this local museum. The purpose is to raise awareness of its existence and to introduce their “Indigo dyed silk” to a wider context. So I need to explore more environment of Sakon Nakhon, I visited many tourist attractions and took the pictures with my old man, Pentax MX. Here is a series of my film photographs from Sakon Nakhon trip.


Wat Phra That Choeng Chum


Wat Phra That Choeng Chum is a sacred religious monument of Sakon Nakhon province and located at the centre of the town. It is the perfect place to visit once you are in the province.


Lotus Park, Hong Han Chaloem Phrakiat Park Kasetsart University


This place is actually the educational centre for college students to study about lotus due to it belongs to Kasetsart University. However, it also opens for general people and tourists. It has become famous for the very large lotus pond and walking wooden paths toward a small pavilion, which located in the middle of the place.


Tha Rae, Christian community


This small old town is actually the biggest Christian community in Thailand. Dates back to more than a hundred years ago, there are European architectures in the mix-style between French and Vietnamese. On Christmas eve, there will be an event called ‘Star Parade’ to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. All houses around this area will also be decorated in the Christmas theme both day and night.


Nong Han Lake


This lake is in the same area as Tha Rae community, it is the largest natural lake of northeast Thailand. There is nothing much to do around here but it is famous for the beautiful sunset view.


Sam Angkan Farm


This place is an actual farm of melons and other fruits. However, it also opens as a cafe and restaurant to welcome tourists. As their products become the main ingredient in cooking. So we will surely have the fresh and non-toxic food to consume.

These are just a part of Sakon Nakhon, have fun while you were there!



*All photos were taken by Pentax MX with many types of film that I couldn’t remember*

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