Sakon Made | Sakon Series 03

Nowadays, Sakon Nakhon is nationally famous for their craftsmanship on Indigo, or Kram in Thai. The province is also fascinating by its tourist attractions, and recently, the local youngsters have gathered and arranged an annual event called Sakon Made which raised the province reputation and became one of the destinations to visit during Christmas and New Year breaks.




The event is a small crafted market sold by local people in Sakon Nakhon and their friends from other provinces who shared the same principle. The handmade goods range from natural fibre clothing to local food and folk music performance.

The preferable colour we have seen most often is nonetheless Indigo. While the weather was scorching during the daytime, the event held from evening until late at night.




This year (2019) is the third time for Sakon Made, สกลเฮ็ด. Actually, It was my second time here but for the first time to sharing and exhibiting my crafted pieces. As I have worked on my research since 2018, the study is all about Baan Pa Toom-Pa Tai Museum in particular, and my objective is to design a collection of souvenir and to raise awareness for this special place.

Baan Pa Toom-Pa Tai Museum is located at Baan Nong Khae village in Sakon Nakhon and is notably well-known for the creation of Indigo dyed silk. My design is to add more contemporary aspect to these traditional practices and transform this priceless material into a functional and cultural product.

I have contacted the staff of Sakon Made earlier to find the opportunity of displaying my finished works, and they kindly accepted my request. So I went to Sakon Nakhon especially for this purpose. I have to send my gratitude toward them for allowing me to be a part of this provincial event.




These are the finished pieces of works from my research, A series of accessories for Baan Pa Toom-Pa Tai Museum, Sakon Nakhon Province, which was sponsored by the faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University.

If you are interested in the project, I will update another post about it real soon, and for more information about Baan Pa Toom-Pa Tai Museum, it is already shared in the previous post here. However, I planned to describe more into the origin and the relationship between this local museum and the royal family of Thailand. Please feel free to follow for updates!


All photos were taken by Pentax MX with Agfa vista 200 rolled 

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