During this quarantine, I find it the best time to explore the movies I have never watched before but always planned to. Most of them are available on Netflix, but some are rare and I have paid to get them.

I divided the list into two parts, this first one is all the movies I have not yet watched and another one is some of my old favourites. Here is the list of movies I have experienced for the first time in April 2020.


Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)


I have to admit that I did not know anything about the real situations that happened in Hollywood during that time. No surprise I was shock about this film, and after watching it I had to find many information more to clarify a lot of questions in my head. This film is currently available on Netflix.


The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)


Not sure it is the good idea to have read the book before, but I find this movie was not as good as the paper version. There are less characters and some scents were missing, nevertheless, the overall image was beautiful and well-produced. This film is available on Netflix as well.


Art and Craft (2014)


The story of an ordinary man who has an extraordinary skill in copying art! Mark Landis is a quiet old man who lives under the shadow, hidden his incredible talent for many years. However, he has some bizarre hobbies to give art institutions many paintings of famous artists. This movie presents the real situation when someone noticed that the works he gave were fake and tried to drag Landis to jail!

To watch with Thai subtitle, please purchase here.


Iris (2015)


A documentary about the colourful lifestyle of the Apfels couple, who both, at that time, was over 90 years old! Iris and Carl had been married for almost 70 years, and they were totally in love with each other just like day one. They worked together, travelled together, and were living for one another. No one would ever proud of Iris‘s fame and success more than the love her life, Carl.

To watch with Thai subtitle, please purchase here.


Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams (2020)


‘Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams’ is the name of the exhibition, originally held at Paris’ Musée des Arts Décoratif from 2017 to 2018, and the following year at the V&A in London. Because of the pandemic Coronavirus and everyone has to stay at home, Dior has released the documentary that showing each and every step of the exhibition’s production. This video contains many different languages, my suggestion is to turn on English subtitle for your own clarification of understanding.

You can watch this film on Youtube here.


Jeremy Scott, The People’s Designer (2015)


I could say, Jeremy Scott has made Moschino one of my most favourite fashion brands. With his sense of humour and the bold to be different, he revives this dying Italian fashion house to be able to skyrocket once again! Probably at the time he showcased his very first Moschino runway, I was in Milan and I could not deny the attention he got from his works, everyone still remembers that Fast Fashion he served us in 2014. The film is also available on Netflix.


The Phantom of the Opera (2011)


Last but not least, another efficiently defensive measure of Covid-19, The Phantom of the Opera, one of the most famous musical theatre in history, had been publicly streamed on Youtube for two days, in order to persuade people to stay at home. So I have watched it for the first time and their music is still circling in my head ever since.


Part 2 is on the next post, you can read it here. Thanks for reading and hope you have a happy and healthy quarantine!



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