Arun-Sawas | The reflection of Wat Arun


TECHNIQUE Handmade pleating and knitting

The design was inspired by the architecture of Wat Arun Ratchavararam. The main feature is its centre, called Phra Prang in Thai, which contains different layers of angles.


The top view of Phra Prang becomes the entire form of this bag and was decorated with the handle made of knitting technique. Also the handle was duplicated the form of  ‘Ma-lai’, the symbol of faith and respect in Thai culture.

The main material is ‘Pakaoma’ which is one of the local textiles in Thailand. Pakaoma is handmade weaving cotton usually used in the remote rural areas. According to this fact, it has always been looked down and neglected despite its multi-functional usage.

The purpose of this design is to challenge the perspective of general Thais to better cherish our local wisdom in terms of its value not the price. And to add more details to the local products and raise more awareness out of it.


This bag was created to be competed in the design competition, Pakaoma Asean Metropolisan, and has been awarded first prize in the category of accessories and jewellery design.

It was copyrighted by Pakaoma Thailand and Thai Beverage Public Compay Limited. Also they made a video of me telling the inspiration and concept behind this design.

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