Master thesis in a collaboration with VHERNIER


Chess is being compared to life situation. The 2 players represent who you are and who is hiding inside you. We subconsciously build another person inside us, who represents our fear. That same person holds you back from progressing because they keep you away from taking risks and daring. In so doing it is difficult to succeed.


The movement of each piece reflect the factors which can beat those fears. The different movements and each piece are linked to different situations. There are 6 different types of pieces: king, queen, rooks, bishops, knights and pawns. Each different piece can move on the board in a totally different way and can be compared to Courage, Intelligence, Wisdom, Sagacity, Chance and Opportunity, which are the keywords to get over fears.


However, fears have power over us. They can stop us from developing ourselves. However, there are many factors which can guide us to handle them but the choice of the proper factor is essential in stepping forward in each situation.


“At the end of the game,
the pawn and the king go back into the same box.”

Italian proverb

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