Jew Normal


  • MEDIUM Mask Necklace
  • TECHNIQUE Textile folding
  • MATERIAL Thai silk

In the late 2019, Coronavirus is spreading silently in some area and broadly across the globe in 2020. Covid-19 changes everything, from everyday lifestyle of human being to the ecosystem of nature.

Nowadays, the situations are getting better in Thailand where we started to live our lives again in New Normal. While visiting public places, we must be wearing mask at all time otherwise we were not allowed to enter. Mask becomes the must-have item inevitably.

Jew Normal

a post-epidemic jewellery to protect and decorate at the same time.

When not in use, the mask can be folded in order to wear as a necklace and also to keep the outer side of mask safely. The main material is Thai silk because it is natural and leftover, to create alternative purpose (to wearing as a mask instead of clothing) is to revive the value into the circular life-cycle again.

This piece of necklace mask is created to present as a part of the annual exhibition of Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University. It is currently on display between 15-26 September 2020 at Art & Design Gallery, Wang Tha Phra university campus.

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