Sweet Tender

2011 MATERIAL Sand blasting on brass coated by Silver and Pink Gold Itty bitty makes lady a lady, braid and lace are the feminine symbol. This jewellery collection brings out the youth and naive side of women. It is perfectly suitable as a gift for the dearest lover.      “Itty bitty makes ladies ladies”      


2011 MATERIAL Brass coated Gold and Black alloy and decorated with Swarovski Elements Many leaves reflect upon weaving river. The shadow reflection appears during sunset. This jewellery collection shows the beautiful Mother Nature. The light sparkles on water face is like the twinkling Swarovski Elements that decorated.

Before Sunrise & Before Sunset

2010 MATERIAL Brass coated by Gold, Silver and Black Alloy, Wood and Painted Acrylic Before Sunrise & Before Sunset are all-time favourite films for many people. In the first film, the characters met each other on the train and continued their conversations throughout Vienna by trams. The transportation elements have been transformed into the inspiration. The jewellery itself…

Lor Cloth

2010 MEDIUM Shoulder piece which imitated the way traditional Thai women dressed “Wheel” or “Lor” in Thai means to roll. In the past, rolled cloth was weaved especially for important ceremonies such as a wedding. The piece of cloth would be used only once. It was then rolled and kept in a bamboo tube. The concept…